Highland Backpacking Trail

Highland Backpacking Trail map available for purchase at Algonquin Park

Here are a few shots from my 3-day backpacking trip in Algonquin Park on the Highland Backpacking Trail. I took them via a pretty terrible point-and-shoot as this trip was for a course with Algonquin College. I didn’t feel I could afford to spend the time fussing with my DSLR. We started with 30 degree Celsius weather on Day One and ran swiftly downhill to snow by evening on Day Three. What an eye-opener for my first multi-day, backcountry experience. More thoughts on this to come. For now enjoy the point-and-shoots!


20121025 - late fall rays on the Highland Backpacking Trail
A late summer start on the trail.


20121025 - one by one on the Highland Backpacking Trail
We followed each other duckie style. Sometimes quiet, sometimes chatty.


sunset backpacking trip Highland Backpacking Trail
We sat quietly after dinner taking in the blues, mauves, and oranges of our first night’s sunset.


20121025 - day three snow Highland Backpacking Trail
The weather slid downhill from Day 1 into snow our last night on the trail.


20121025 - day three fire Highland Backpacking Trail
We got a fire going to keep people warm and to dry out those who had gotten soaked in the rain the day before.


20121025 - day three chilly dinner Highland Backpacking Trail
We were bundled up for winter by the time dinner rolled around on Day 3.


Up for discussion: Do you have a favorite backpacking trail? Tell us all about it!

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