Give and Take

“We could try an easy overnight camping trip. You know, Algonquin Park or something,” I said. I felt inspired by our early spring hike.

My husband turned around and eyed me with a sideways glance.

“It could be cozy,” I continued. “My tent would fit the two of us perfectly, especially if we car camp and left the rest of our gear in the car.”

“Maaaaaaaybe,” he said.

“Ooh, yeah, if we go to Algonquin then there are thunder boxes so you won’t have to dig your own hole. And I can cook for you over my Whisperlite. We could go in September or October so there aren’t any bugs!”

He laughed. “Kate, what part of ‘maybe’ makes you jump to ‘YES!’? Couldn’t we plan a trip to Paris instead? You have people to camp with now.”

“But ‘people’ aren’t you,” I pleaded. “It’s more fun to share beautiful views, birds chirping, frogs croaking, the smell of freshly fallen leaves with you. We could unplug, enjoy a little solitude. C’mon, you know I’d make it super comfortable for you.”

“Mmhmmm,” he said. “And in Paris I’d have a comfortable bed, the loo, and a shower not to mention wine at lunch and dinner.”

As we approached the end of the trail, I plotted my next move. I was determined to succeed.

Published by Kate Monahan

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