Winter Mindfulness at Arrowhead Provincial Park

winter mindfulness

Ninja-like I was not: the waxless cross-country skis I rented from the park office hummed along as I gained steam down the hill. Combined with the mindless nattering of my inner dialogue, I couldn’t hear anything else.  When I reached the crest of the next hill I stopped and listened. A light breeze whispered through evergreens. A downy woodpecker knocked insistently. Saturday morning traffic droned on Highway 11. My friends’ laughter carried back to me, urging me to catch up.

How often do we get caught up in the planning and preparations for our outdoor adventures that we forget to pay attention to the reasons why we tramped through the woods in the first place? Grateful for the little voice that reminded me to be present I spent the rest of the day enjoying the company of friends, the stunning environment of late-winter Arrowhead, and all of the fun activities the park has to offer. Enjoy the gallery above of a selection of my photos from our day-trip out to Huntsville.

What do you do to stay present during your adventures?

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