Day 1: Pre-Trip Preparations in Ithaca

Our preparations for our multisport adventure weekend

Day 1: Saturday, August 22, 2015

The bulk of our pre-trip preparations were done over the late spring and early summer via e-mail and spreadsheets (it’s me – of course there was a spreadsheet!). I drove down to Ithaca on Friday night to start the weekend of our adventures.

With three girls aged 7 to 9 and three adults, we had a variety of likes, dislikes and sensitivities to consider when looking at food. Most everyone was new to camping and I wanted to show that, especially with car camping, we could really enjoy our meals together. I threw together a menu and shopping list that looked a little like this:


Meal Menu Ingredients Notes Also needed:
Sunday Lunch: Sandwiches on the road Bread In transit to camp Aluminum foil
PB&J? (or whatever Check in time: 12pm Ziplock bags
your kids like) Spices
Sunday Dinner: Pesto pasta with chicken Pasta Oil
and veggies Pesto (or homemade) Hot chocolate
Chicken Matches
Veggies Firewood – pick up closer to park
Monday Breakfast: Coffee/tea Coffee/tea (for 3 morns) Clear garbage bags (park rules)
Granola Granola
Greek yogurt Greek yogurt
Fruit and other toppings Fruit and other toppings
Monday Lunch: Hummus, veggies, pitas Hummus Portable – to be put in
Cheese, crackers Assorted veggies packs so we can canoe
Snacks (see below) Pitas or hike.
Monday Dinner: Hamburgers/hot dogs/ TBD on protein
chicken on the grill/fire Buns as required
Veggies & potatoes in fire Veggies, potatoes
S’mores Graham crackers
Tuesday Breakfast: Pancakes and sausages all-in-one pancake mix (just mix water)
Bananas sausages
Tuesday Lunch: Hummus, veggies, pitas Same as above. Portable – to be put in
Cheese, crackers packs so we can canoe
Snacks (see below) or hike.
Tuesday Dinner: Campfire flatbread pizza Pitas
(or soft tacos alternatively) Pizza sauce
Go for ice cream Pizza toppings
Wednesday Breakfast: Scrambled eggs Eggs Check out time: 11am
Bacon Bacon
Toast Bread
Wednesday Lunch: Sandwiches on the road Bread In transit to home
Peanut Butter
Snacks: Apples Apples
Carrots Carrots
Trail mix Trail mix
Granola bars Granola bars


Liz, Kellie, and I agreed to meet at Wegman’s early Saturday morning to avoid the Cornell University student move-in-weekend rush at the grocery store and managed to get in and out in about an hour. Big thanks to the dads for keeping an eye on the girls while we shopped.

Liz headed home to pack up her girls’ gear. Back at Kellie’s house, while she packed I organized non-perishable food by day in reusable grocery bags and set the rest in the fridge to be packed away in a cooler Sunday morning. The gear I packed in Toronto stayed packed – lucky me! – and I spent the rest of the day enjoying the company of friends I don’t see often enough.

For the rest of the trip report, click here.

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