Day 5: Last Day in Camp

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weather: Cloudy. High of 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Distance: N/A

Surviving one’s first proper camping trip requires pancakes for breakfast and that’s just what we whipped up before getting on the road back to Ithaca.

Sure, pancakes aren’t the speediest of breakfasts but it was a fun way to end our stay at Rollins Pond. We took our time to carefully pack our gear up, searching the campsite for any garbage (ours or otherwise), and loading up the cars. We made one last run to the garbage center, checked out at the Rollins Pond gate, and made our way home to Ithaca. With three smiling faces wishing me THANK YOU, I deemed our adventure a success.

Tomorrow: a surprise from the girls and favorite memories.

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