Day 4: Homeward Bound

Homeward bound

Date: Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weather: 28 degrees Celsius, sunny and breezy

Distance: ~ 8 kms

We were homeward bound on this hot, sunny, summer day.


Our last morning in camp tends to mean the easiest-to-make breakfast and this trip was no different. We made up a big pot of quinoa flakes and boiled water for people who preferred oatmeal, laid out an astonishing array of toppings for the hot cereals, and my banging the coffee pot to get the grounds to settle woke everyone up who wasn’t already out of her tent.


The morning moved a little more slowly. When the weather is gorgeous on the last day of a trip, no one wants to head home. However head home we had to and eventually camp came down and canoes were loaded.


The first hour of the paddle back to the Sportsman’s Lodge required a little more sighting of land features versus map features to ensure the most efficient route back. Within that hour we were out of the backcountry and into cottage country. The transition was jarring and suddenly the group which had been chatting and laughing for much of the last hour, was silent.


We avoided motor boat traffic as much as we could. We stuck close to shore to avoid some of the bigger winds in the middle of Kukagami Lake. As we rounded the last bend, the lodge’s sandy beach and red roofs came into sight. We made our softest landing of the trip, unloaded the canoes one last time, and broke out some food for women to eat before they started their long drives back towards Toronto.


After one last group hug with thanks for a wonderful adventure, everyone dispersed. Jen took the Wild Women gear back to Jenny’s in Sudbury. I headed home after two canoe trips and a week away to do laundry and get geared up for the next adventure.


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