Day 3: Hiking Gros Morne

gros morne summit

Date: Monday, August 17, 2015

Weather: 29 degrees Celsius, sunny and breezy

Distance: ~ 16 kms

We had our sights on the Gros Morne summit this day.


The weather was perfect for getting an early, cool start to our long day of hiking. It looked promising that we wouldn’t be socked in with cloud when we reached the summit, based on our calculations. Katie took the ‘before’ picture at the trailhead sign and we quickly set out on the four kilometer trail to the base of the mountain.


By the time we reached the viewing platform at the base of the mountain, I was drenched. The humidity (and my stubbornness about wearing pants) had caught up with me. We rehydrated, had a small snack, and made our way to the boulder-strewn Ferry Gulch. I felt like a mountain goat as I picked my way over loose rock. As with Green Gardens, the women encouraged each other and leaned on each other for support to tackle the steepest part of the climb.


We stopped to catch our breath and eat a little lunch towards the top of the gulch. We admired the clear view of the Atlantic, Bonne Bay, and the portion of trail we had just hauled ourselves up before moving on. Relief hit as we reached the arctic-alpine summit of the mountain. We took a moment to appreciate what we had done, shot group photos at the summit sign, and continued on down the other side of the mountain in order to stay on track time-wise.


Down tends to be tougher for me as my knees agonize over each wobbly step. The stunning scenery took my mind off of much of that. As we descended below the arctic-alpine line the mosquitoes began to feast on our sweaty heads.


We took the (muted) celebratory ‘after’ shot back at the trailhead sign before piling back into the vans to get cleaned up back at the cabins.


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