Day 4: Kayaking Bonne Bay

Kayaking Bonne Bay

Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weather: 30 degrees Celsius, sunny and breezy

Distance: ~ 15 kms (from Norris Point into the Eastern Arm of Bonne Bay and back)

We maaaay have seen a basking shark orrrrrr an ocean sunfish.


Katie and I worked with Sue from Gros Morne Adventures to explore Bonne Bay by kayak. After getting everyone fitted for a tandem kayak, paddle, and PFD, we shoved off and practiced our paddling strokes in the calm waters off the shore of Norris Point before attempting any exposed crossings.


We stopped for lunch on a sheltered beach, with some women deciding to swim until this made a pass through their swim spot (click image for a larger look):

20150818 - fin


Cell service was spotty but Katie was able to pull up images for both the basking shark and the ocean sunfish which are known to frequent the bay. We watched the fin swim off into the distance, climbed back into our kayaks and explored more of the arm before heading back into the shop.


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