Day 4: Haul Out

Snowtrekker set up outside of Mew Lake

Date: Monday, February 15, 2016

Weather: Partly cloudy, -6 degrees Celsius midday

With temperatures hovering around -15 degrees Celsius, I slept more soundly and warmly overnight Sunday night, just in time to haul out.


I was grateful for the solid night’s sleep. I can only do so many bad nights in a row before I get cranky. And getting cranky with people you don’t know all that well is always awkward.  But chipper I was to start the holiday Monday.


We’d hit our routine: gather snow for water and coffee, cook breakfast, get moving. Today’s get moving was to get all of our gear packed up and on the sleds once again. We reached our cars around 2pm, helped everyone get their own gear off the sleds and into their cars, and wandered into the Mew Lake comfort station to change clothes. The park warden knew we were in the backcountry for two nights and had printed off the Environment Canada Sunday morning conditions so that we could show friends and family how nutty we were to be out in the elements on Family Day weekend 2016.


With hugs all around, we headed out our separate ways for home, grateful for the adventure together and heated cars.


For more on this winter weekend getaway, follow the trip report here.

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