2016 Round-Up: Your Top 16 in ’16

2016 round-up

THANK YOU. You’ve visited this site more than 26,000 times in 2016. You’ve liked, shared, and commented on Facebook. You’ve shared the love, replied, and retweeted on Twitter. And you’ve supported me with more than 8,600 likes and comments on Instagram. Here’s what you read this year:

2016 Round-Up

16. 3 Lessons Learned from My First Term of Teaching

15. Three Tips and Tools for New Freelancers

14. On Feeling Like Myself

13. Trip Report: French River Canoe Trip

12. Review: Gregory’s Deva 85 Backpack

gregory deva backpack on a canoe trip

11. On Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, and Vocations

10. 8 Women Who Inspire Me

9. Privilege


8. On Receiving Feedback

On receiving feedback

7. Small Canoe Win

6. Rejection Stings

5. Back to School Adventures

Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley lessons learned

4. 2016 Budget for KMS Outdoors

3. Review: MEC’s TGV 2 Tent

2. Highland Backpacking Trail

1. Recipe: Packing a Kayak

pack a kayak

Happy New Year! I look forward to spending more time with you in 2017.

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