Sharing Space with a Porcupine

Porcupine by Fyn Kynd

Porcupine! I smiled as the source of ruffling leaves made itself known to me.

I stood still on the shore, coffee in hand, fresh breeze blowing hair out of my face. Weak sunlight broke through clouds heavy with rain. The porcupine continued foraging, not minding me and my stillness. I could feel it look at my back before deciding to continue on the trail behind me. It trudged up the hill and crawled beneath the next cottage’s deck. Was it used to humans? It seemed small compared to the ones that meandered in front of me on Government Road in Foresters Falls this winter. Perhaps it was but a wee teenager.

I listened. The phoebe called for its mate. The woodpecker hunted for its buggy breakfast. The chickadees and warblers sang their morning songs as I skirted the shoreline in my wellies and pajamas.


I could stay out here forever. This is why I leave the city: to let nature surprise and delight me, to create space in me to write, to mirror the space I move through.

Good morning, world.

I’m ready to go.

Cover photo credit: Fyn Kynd

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