Do You Manage a Portfolio Career?

portfolio career

Here we are now in the latter half of September, in the last third of the year.

While I normally wait until the end of the year to do my annual reflection, now seems as good a time as any to give you a preview.

My 2017 Portfolio Career (a.k.a. Slash Career)

It has been a weird one as far as income streams go.

(a) I worked with one of my steady clients for the better part of the year on two main projects.

(b) I lost the bulk of my canoe guiding income for the year thanks to a knee injury. I’m upset I missed meeting and reconnecting with as many fabulous canoe trippers as I did.

(c) I took on teaching more classes this year and if you’ve seen the news in Ontario, you’ll understand that even that income stream isn’t reliable.

(d) Friends and colleagues have sent a number of roles and job descriptions my way, with new-to-me organizations and ¬†with organizations I’m already involved.

While I’m being deliberately vague about those opportunities and losses to “protect the innocent,” my point is the path of portfolio career ownership isn’t for everyone.

Mind Your Dollars and Cents

It requires a strong stomach to weather the roller coaster ride, Part of cultivating that strong stomach includes keeping a close eye on your budget, even if you managed to sock aside some savings as a rainy day fund.

Keep Up the Good Work

It means striking a fine balance between hustling for new work and trusting that what you’ve already thrown out to the universe will come back to you at the exact moment you need it. This is by no means a passive approach to work. It relies heavily on the networking and work that you have already done to achieve the appearance of Hey! Look at that. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for X project to come along.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

As much as you may be tempted to not talk about your challenges managing a portfolio career, resist the urge to stay silent. If friends or family can’t be there for moral support for whatever reason, there are loads of small business owners out there in the same boat. Social media brings us all together in a variety of ways. Try here (or wherever your location is), here (Canadians), or here (more geared towards Americans) to start.

We can also create our own community here. Are you managing a portfolio career of your own? What challenges and opportunities do you face? Leave a comment below.

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