Super Natural British Columbia: Tofino

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Next up on our Vancouver Island road trip: Tofino! For the first three posts in this series, you can go here (Squamish), here (Nanaimo), and here (Cathedral Grove).

We grocery shopped in town and landed at Bella Pacifica in Tofino, a beautiful car campground. We made dinner, took sunset and star photos and settled into our beachside tents for the evening.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

We jumped on an early start so we could make the most of our time at Pacific Rim. We stopped at the park office to pick up our Parks Canada permit for the day. They graciously gave us the family rate; a perk of being seven adults in one minivan. We continued on to Long Beach where we spent the day beach combing, taking in the intoxicating combination of warm sun and ocean waves, admiring the mountains as our backdrop. We spread out, everyone doing their own thing after days of togetherness.

On our way back we chatted with the park rangers who were working on a controlled burn to eliminate invasive grasses.

tofino long beach

Poole’s Eco-Village

After our beach combing day, some folks in our group wanted to have a look at Poole’s (NSFW language in the attached article) to see if we should stay the night. The smell and the vibe were enough for me to take a pass. We all ended up back at Bella Pacifica where the raccoons had to be fended off at 2am from stealing one of our daypacks.

Wildside Grill

We opted for a dinner out at the Wildside Grill on our last night in Tofino. We squeaked in right before close, enjoying fresh fish and hand cut fries. Not a meal we would have been able to whip up well on our Whisperlite stoves.

Before bed we reorganized our group gear and our own gear, getting ready to spend the last few days of our trip in the urban centers of Victoria and Vancouver.

Have you been to Tofino? What are your favorite spots to explore? Let me know in the comments or join the conversation on social media.

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