Winter Camping Round-Up

Winter Camping by Paxon Woelber

I have spent a decent amount of time writing about winter camping in Ontario over the last two or three years.

If camping in the winter is something you’ve thought about trying, here is a round-up of all of my winter camping articles, checklists, and tips and tricks:

Winter Camping Checklist

Winter Checklist written for Parks Blog Ontario

Clothing and Footwear

Winter Layering

Footwear for Winter Travel


Planning Your First Winter Overnight

MEC TGV-2 Review

Food and Water

Winter Cooking

MSR Whisperlite Review

First Aid and Improvised or Emergency Shelters

First Aid

Emergency Shelters

Lesson on Improvised Shelters

Trip Reports

Mew Lake 2015

Mew Lake for Parks Blogger Ontario

Mew Lake 2016

Other Winter Fun

Hilton Falls (Milton)

Arrowhead Provincial Park (near Huntsville)

Love camping during the frozen water months? Share your favorite piece of advice for someone just starting out, below in the comments.

Cover photo credit: Paxson Woelber (Alaska, definitely *not* Ontario)

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