A sense of satisfaction, of moral victory always accompanies a successful navigation Toronto’s underground PATH, 28 subterranean kilometers of shopping and services create a squirrel trail between the waterfront and the Financial District’s northern reaches.  Such was my experience Monday night attempting to maneuver my way from Commerce Court North to Google’s Toronto offices at Yonge and Dundas, the bustling hub striving to match New York’s Times Square energy.Continue reading “The PATH”

Yonge and Eligible No More

Walk up Yonge Street on a late Saturday morning on your way to Amore for brunch and you are likely dodging couples strolling hand in hand with one hand on their Bugaboo or Maclaren strollers, Starbucks lattes nestled in their cup holders, designer mutts leashed around owners’ waists.  Welcome to Yonge and Eglinton where the “eligibles” from 15 years ago have settled down and are now married parents of toddlers.  Never fear: no matter your stage of life, there is something for you here.Continue reading “Yonge and Eligible No More”