On Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, and Vocations

I sent this newsletter out late in January that referenced a blog post from Elizabeth Gilbert. That post continues to sit with me and makes me want to delve further into how I occupy my time. There’s a certain element of fear that comes with exploring this topic: do I appear ungrateful for the work IContinue reading “On Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, and Vocations”

3 Challenges I Didn’t Appreciate When I Changed Careers

Do what you love! Love what you do! Follow your bliss! There are articles upon articles and books upon books available about pursuing your dreams and finding work that makes you happy. And I believe them because I’m not averse to putting in the work necessary to make them true. However I do wish I’dContinue reading “3 Challenges I Didn’t Appreciate When I Changed Careers”

The Origins of My Outdoor Life

“Doesn’t your husband go winter camping with you?” asked a kindly stranger in Algonquin Park. “Oh no,” I replied. “That’s not really his thing. He’s home with the dog.” Truth is, I could insert almost any family member and outdoor activity into that first question and it would be the same conversation I’ve had withContinue reading “The Origins of My Outdoor Life”