3 Lessons from my Second Year in Business

I have time. I have time to sit and think about how the previous year worked from a business perspective. I don’t need to fall into the trap of plowing through tasks from one year to the next without pausing to evaluate what worked well and what didn’t. I have time to celebrate the winsContinue reading “3 Lessons from my Second Year in Business”

Three Tips and Tools for New Freelancers

I’m proud of my little business. It’s still hard for me to believe I’ve worked at this freelancing gig for two years now, wearing as many hats I have – marketer, salesperson, bookkeeper, accountant, project manager.  If freelancing is something you’ve been thinking about jumping into, here are my top three tips to set you up forContinue reading “Three Tips and Tools for New Freelancers”

Rejection Stings

Last month I submitted an application to participate in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition that occurs in Nathan Phillips Square from July 8-10 this summer. Admittedly it was a looooooooong shot to get in as I haven’t exhibited anywhere before. But why not shoot for the moon, right? Yesterday afternoon I received a lovely rejectionContinue reading “Rejection Stings”

2015 Lessons Learned

As most of you know, I’m a Finance person by training so it seems natural that I first evaluate my year by the numbers. The next step was a little more challenging. How did I feel about how the year went? When I look back at all that I accomplished and didn’t accomplish in 2015,Continue reading “2015 Lessons Learned”